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Established in 1975, Texas Book Company is one of the largest wholesale textbook companies in the United States, servicing the college textbook industry.

The campus bookstore is a destination point on every campus. Students, faculty, administrators, alumni and campus visitors alike make their way to the campus bookstore. Texas Book Company's bookstore products and services are focused on the educational and personal needs of this very diverse group of customers. A visit to one of Texas Book Company bookstores will offer a full range of emblematic products, clothing, gifts, personal effects, school and art supplies, trade books, reference material and textbooks.

Your search has ended if you are looking for a committed partner that can care for every aspect of your bookstore needs. Larger companies that serve hundreds of stores nationwide struggle to give the attention you will automatically receive from  Texas Book Company. When you call us, a person answers the phone. When you come to see us, we know your name. It's small-company friendliness with big-company convenience and technology. We're big enough to provide the full range of products and service you need and expect. And yet, we are small enough to care about providing you with personal attention everyday. If service is a priority, Texas Book Company offers the highest level of customer focused services in the industry. State-of-the-Art technology, talented store management, customer-tailored service, and a generous support of our customer's financial objectives make Texas Book Company the leading choice for campus bookstore management. Our financial strength, expertise, and services are focused on our customer's academic mission and service to their communities.

Our leadership is a prestigious group of highly skilled and diversified executives. Their expertise in professional bookstore management, technology and training makes the TBC team a valuable asset to our customers. The Texas Book Company difference is the corporate support and executive participation. All corporate executives, including the president of the company, are available to our customers.

Texas Book Company's customer satisfaction is largely due to our diverse, highly qualified team. Our corporate culture fosters professionalism and responsibility, which is demonstrated by our employees' commitment to us and to our customers. Every manager and team member has access to specialists for every component of the bookstore operation, including textbook, merchandise, personnel, accounting, bookstore design and computer technology. Texas Book Company executives are nationally recognized leaders in the college bookstore industry.

Texas Book Company customers confirm that our bookstores advance their image and academic quality.

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